Charity boosts rehabilitation for addicts through planting trees scheme

by | May 13, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

RECOVERING addicts planted a mass of new trees as part of a scheme to boost their rehabilitation and give back to the community.

Addiction support charity Open Road was given a massive donation of 1,200 sappling trees by Waitrose and the Woodland Trust.

Charity users set to work planting the trees at Gravel Wood in Beamont-cum-Moze, near Clacton, last week.

Open Road helps people in their struggle with drug and alcohol addictions.

One of the charity’s schemes is to maintain council-owned green spaces around Clacton to give users a positive activity to be a part of.

Charity project manager Rob Mann said: “It boosts their confidence and self esteem to be part of something like this. They can stand back and be proud of their efforts.

“Events like this are a big part of helping them move past their issues and these trees will grow to be something for the public to enjoy for years to come.”

The trees were donated by the Waitrose branch in Colchester as part of a community outreach programme inspired by the chain celebrating its 75th birthday this year.