Wrekin announce launch of TreeBunker tree root development system

by | Feb 16, 2017 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Wrekin have announced the development and launch of TreeBunker tree root development system.

The TreeBunker system is the latest generation of underground soil containment systems for trees in hard landscaping.

Tree Bunker consists of a base unit, structural posts, which can be manufactured in various lengths, and a top unit, which when combined, create a structural void, which provides unlimited expansion for unimpeded root growth, at the same time as supporting traffic loadings for new trees.

The high strength assembled system is suitable for up to 15 tonne axle wheel loads.

Research has proven that trees planted in the urban landscape, with the correct amount of available soil, live longer and provide the same benefits as trees in the rural landscape.

The units are 600mm x 600mm in cross section. The structural posts can be produced in various lengths up to 1.4m making Treebunker the most flexible system of its type on the market.

The TreeBunker Combines storm water management and root growth, up to 25% of the volume is available for water infiltration.

Trees play an important part in managing the water cycle. Natural evapotranspiration accounts for approx. 70% of all rain water that falls on a tree. This, combined with 25% of the soil infill volume available for water management, means trees can play a vital role in eliminating costly SuDS packages.

Bioremediation, by filtration through the soil, treats rain water runoff providing a true source control solution.

Planting larger trees with large amounts of soil reduces flooding and the subsequent problems associated, such as erosion issues, polluting of water courses and of course, loss of property, with the possibility of further, more severe losses.

Find out more about the system here.