Works at former Alnwick council HQ to include tree works

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The Northumbrian Gazette has reported that works due to start at the former district council headquarters in Alnwick will include some trees being removed and general woodland management.

Allerburn House, off Denwick Lane, has been sold ‘subject to contract’ and early works to trees in the grounds are to take place ahead of further development.

It is thought the work will include some trees being removed and general woodland management and is expected to last around a fortnight, generating a level of noise that has required neighbouring residents being informed.

County councillor Gordon Castle has been assured ‘the work will be completed sensitively’ and ‘the majority of the mature trees around the boundary are being kept and discussions are ongoing around options for the memorial tree and the town twinning tree within the grounds.’

He said to the Northumbrian Gazette: “I cannot disclose the nature of the contract yet, which is a matter of commercial confidentially at this stage.

“There is no planning application submitted yet, though obviously there will have been pre-application discussions.

“Perhaps I should add that tree specialists and professionals will be present to ensure that the work carried out retains the finest specimens and removes only what has to go.”

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Image courtesy of The Northumbrian Gazette