Woodland clearance planned for Tilgate Park access road

by | Sep 17, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Woodland will be cleared to make way for a new access road in Tilgate Park.

A spokesman for Crawley Borough Council said the felling of 172 trees to make space for the visitor access from the K2 Crawley junction will start on Monday (September 22).

The trees would be replaced in the park when work on the road finishes next year and an ecologist will be on site daily during the four week felling process.

Cllr Chris Mullins, cabinet member for leisure and culture, said: “As well as being a great visitor attraction, the park is an important local environment for wildlife and we want to limit disruption through work as much as possible.

“The road will allow visitors to get to the park without driving through the neighbourhood and also make exiting the park much quicker and easier.

“We hope a new cycle path, which is yet to receive funding approval, and a potential bus route into the park will also encourage people to use sustainable transport to get there.”

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