Whitnash group thanks community following vandal attack

by | May 20, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

A Whitnash community group has thanked locals for rallying round to replace a group of trees after they were ‘mindlessly’ destroyed in an attack by vandals.

As part of a £74,000 revamp in September 2012, new play equipment including a skate park was installed at Acre Close in Whitnash.

In July last year, an avenue of crab apple and cherry blossom trees were planted to help improve the overall look of the park.

But three of those trees – two of which were sponsored by nearby schools, Whitnash Primary and Briar Hill – were destroyed by vandals in January, which led Friends of Acre Close to appeal for help replacing them.

The Whitnash community pledged their support and following donations from Whitnash Primary School, Briar Hill School, Linleigh Electrical, Whitnash Town Council and local residents, new trees have since been re-planted.

Lisa Fincken, of Friends of Acre Close, said: “The park is looking lovely and we’ve had so many positive comments from everyone who comes here.

“We would like to thank Smiith’s Nurseries of Baginton, who supplied the trees, local landscaper Ed Smyth for planting them, Metcalfe Timber who generously donated some large stakes and all the other groups and individuals who helped with funding – the trees really make a huge difference.”

Email friends@acreclose.co.uk or search for Friends of Acre Close on Facebook for further information.