West Norfolk Council aim to increase tree canopy cover in King’s Lynn

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Council chiefs aim to increase tree canopy over West Norfolk by planting new greenery and ensuring proper development of new trees.

West Norfolk Council’s tree and woodland strategy seeks to strike a balance between maximising benefits provided by trees and recognising that trees can cause problems for home owners when in close proximity to dwellings and gardens.

Set to target urban Lynn, Downham, Dersingham and Hunstanton, the 10-year strategy focuses on making provisions for the long term renewal in the light of the ageing nature of the council’s tree stock.

West Norfolk Council’s arboricultural officer, Richard Fisher said: “The strategy sets out how the benefits provided by trees and woodland will be maintained and enhanced.

“The primary aims are to maintain and enhance the tree population of the borough, to increase the tree canopy cover across the borough with particular reference to urban areas with low canopy cover, and to protect and consolidate the historic trees and woodlands within King’s Lynn.

“It also aims to maintain and maximise the ecosystem services provided by the council’s trees, to ensure the council’s tree stock is resilient in the light of threats from introduced tree pests, diseases and climate change, to conserve and protect ancient woodland and trees with significant ecological value, and to fulfil the council’s duty of care in respects of its tree stocks.”

Cllr. Jackie Westrop said: “It is a sad fact that in Downham Market there are very few green areas or trees.

“There is ongoing development there and I found myself lost in a bungalow complex last week, and there was not a tree in sight.

“It was like an urban jungle, but without the jungle. In the development where trees were planted, they did not last even three years.”

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