‘I Dig Trees’ volunteers plant trees in Cornwall

by | Mar 7, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The ‘I Dig Trees’ initiative, a part of the TCV (The Conservation Volunteers) and OVO Energy, allocated 250,000 trees to community groups across the country last year.

Volunteers gathered to prepare the area in the Golberdon recreational field in South Hill, Cornwall.

South Hill Association for Renewable Energy (SHARE) was allocated free saplings of rowan, bird cherry, hazel, pussy willow and crab apple to plant in our community.

Callington Colts joined in before their match against Plymouth Trophyman.

Volunteers went on to plant a number of trees alongside lanes and footpaths in the parish where they will enhance the environment for residents and walkers.

Trees were also offered to local people, and many have been taken to plant in gardens and fields.

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