VIDEO: A Day In The Life Of An Aborist

by | Jul 15, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, Video

This video is all about the day to day tasks an Arborist faces. Ken, featured in the video, talks us through a number of different features of his day and exactly how they work to take an ash tree down.
The day starts off with Ken explaining exactly what they are going to do to the tree in order to secure it and then cut it down. The first job is to secure the ropes and ensure the safety or the arborists and others around the tree. He then starts cutting pieces off the top of the tree.
Ken talks about how he initially started to study landscaping but changed his mind when getting his first job working with trees. He then discusses the number of attributes you need to have including a head for heights, sufficient fitness and a keen interest in being outside.
Once Ken and his team have taken the top section of the tree down, they then move to the bottom of the tree and carefully set the tree up to fall in a certain way to ensure the safety of all the team.
Ken then discusses the benefits of a career in arboriculture and how much they enjoy it. He talks about how much training and experience you need in order to be successful. This means the more arboriculture training you receive, the better at your job you will be.
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