Herefordshire Council propose two proposed bypass routes cutting through Drovers Wood near Hereford

by | Feb 27, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Herefordshire Council is currently consulting on seven proposed routes for a Hereford western bypass, two of which will cut through a wood which was planted by a charity.

The wood, which was planted in 2001 by the Woodland Trust, is regularly used by walkers, runners and cyclists.


Nichola Geeson, who lives on Kings Acre Road, said: “Drovers Wood was designated as Local Green Space in Breinton’s Neighbourhood Plan and is a very popular destination for people walking up from the Bay Horse pub on Kings Acre Road.

“Walkers, runners and cyclists also come to it from the city along the bridleway along Breinton Ridge. Wildplay is encouraged and groups of children are brought to build camps, make swings on trees etc. It is an important woodland recreation amenity very close to the city.”

Every one of the seven suggested routes would lead to the loss of woodland and ancient trees.

Catherine Brabner-Evans, external affairs officer for the South West for the Woodland Trust, said the area is incredibly rich in ancient woodland said these are irreplaceable.

She stated: “Woodland Trust really does three things. We protect woodland trees, restore ancient woodlands and we create woodland. Our vision is for a UK rich in woodland trees.”

Ross Kennerley, regional manager for the Woodland Trust said ancient woodlands and veteran trees are on a par with built heritage in terms of importance but are often overlooked.

He added: “The other great importance is the public benefit of it. This is owned by a charity on behalf of members and all of the public. It is a significant public space for everyone to enjoy. It is beautiful in its own right.”

He also highlighted how important the woods and trees are for wildlife.

Herefordshire Council spokesman said: “We appreciate that there are concerns about the impact the Hereford bypass may have on Woodland Trust woodland.

“Currently, two of the seven proposed routes would impact on Drovers Wood. The potential impact of all seven routes on Drovers Wood will be assessed as part of the next stage environmental assessment which will examine all aspects of the potential impacts of the route options on the environment and will be a key part of the information to be considered when selecting a preferred route.

“Initial discussions have taken place with the Woodland Trust and we will continue to work with them as the assessments continue.”

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