Truncator’s efficient log sawhorse is user-friendly

by | Dec 19, 2015 | Featured Slider, Kit, Latest, News


Sawing logs is now a lot faster, easier and most importantly safer with the Truncator 4Fold Sawhorse which is also perfect for use in small spaces. The 4 cups and beam mounted on the trestle make light work of any wood pile, and logs are held securely in place while being cut up.

Operation is simple, the sawhorse is filled with multiple pieces of timber, and then the timber is cut down the slots between each cup. The cups are a set distance apart, reliably giving the same length of log every cut. Each cup has a tipping mechanism, which allows logs to be tipped straight into trailers, tractor buckets, wheelbarrows etc. The Truncator 4Fold weighs just 16.6kg unloaded and folds away for easy storage.