Trentham Estate support Bartlett Trees in restoration project

by | Oct 18, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News


With the tercentenary of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown in 2016, Trentham Estate has been restoring a lost landscape within the Trentham Gardens, originally designed and created by Brown himself, whom worked in the gardens between 1759 – 1780.

Brown created the mile-long lake and surrounding parkland which is now being sympathetically revealed, recreated and enhanced by the Trentham Estate to celebrate 300 years of Brownian influence.

As part of the overall restoration project, and continued management of the Gardens, The Trentham Estate has started working with Bartlett Tree Experts to pro-actively manage their tree stock.

An initial hazard tree survey was conducted by Bartlett across the Estate and was followed by a detailed assessment of some of the more valuable and prestigious trees in the Gardens using a combination of PICUS® Sonic Tomography as well as Resistance Micro-drill.  Trees were risk assessed using the International Society of Arboriculture’s TRAQ methodology.

Bartlett is now working with the Estate to guide tree management and institute tree health care programmes which will not only include remedial tree works but soil de-compaction, fertilisation and pest and disease control.

“It’s a pleasure to work in such a lovely setting, with a diverse collection of trees, conditions and situations where each require their own unique assessment and management recommendation”, said Jason Hasaka, Arboricultural Consultant with Bartlett Tree Experts.  “And most importantly, with the evaluation of risk and the appropriate remedial efforts made, the newly revealed part of the estate can be experienced safely by visitors.”

Estate Team Manager Greg Williams, “The technology offered by Bartlett gave us a much better understanding of our tree stock’s condition. We benefitted from their unique approach and their advice has been instrumental in our forward planning.”