Trees for Cities and Ecosia launch new campaign for NHS workers

by | May 14, 2020 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Not-for-profit search engine Ecosia has announced the launch of its first UK-based tree planting project in partnership with Trees for Cities and The NHS Forest.

To help UK users show their appreciation for frontline NHS workers during the coronavirus pandemic, Ecosia, Trees for Cities and The NHS Forest have launched the campaign #GrowYourLove. This long-term initiative aims to plant trees in and surrounding hospitals across the UK.

The trees will be dedicated to NHS staff as a living monument and gesture of thanks from the general public. The urban trees and creation of green spaces will help to boost wellbeing for staff in the long-run, as well as contribute to reducing air pollution levels around hospitals.

In order to fund the trees, Ecosia will dedicate its revenues from searches made by UK users every Thursday for the rest of May. More than one million searches are made every day on Ecosia across the UK, from Glasgow to Truro. As well as supporting the project by searching with Ecosia, members of the public can also make donations directly to the project through the Trees for Cities and The NHS Forest websites.

The trees will be planted in and around a number of hospitals all across the UK, including Hywel Dda Health board in southwest Wales; Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool; Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust; Cornwall Partnership NHS Foundation Trust; Newcastle University Hospital Trust and Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Greater London, among others.

Trees for Cities and The NHS Forest will coordinate the volunteer and community led tree-planting days, which will take place during the UK tree-planting season, beginning in October.

Founded in 2009, Ecosia now has over 15 million active users and has planted over 93 million trees to date, making it the world’s largest planter of native trees. Each search on Ecosia removes an estimated 1kg CO2 from the atmosphere.

Ecosia’s UK country manager, Sophie Dembinski, says: “We decided to launch this campaign to give UK users a practical way to show their appreciation for NHS key workers. As always, we want to inspire people to make a difference and think about the wider community. By greening spaces surrounding hospitals, we hope that these trees will benefit generations to come by contributing towards the long term health and wellbeing of NHS key workers and bringing people together in nature post-lockdown.

“Our UK users have been helping us to plant trees all over the world for years, so we’re delighted to be able to give back to them with our first ever tree-planting project in the UK.”