Trees blamed for poor EE mobile service in Hornsea

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News


Residents in Hornsea have spoken of their frustration at poor mobile phone signal in the area.

Phone operator EE says 3G services in the area are currently affected by a fault.

Although the company says 4G services are also available, businessman Iain Poole says he is unable to get a 4G signal in his home.

He says he has poor phone signal and difficulty accessing internet services on his mobile in most areas of the town.

Mr Poole, 38, who runs tech company Kustomworks Ltd with his wife Michelle from their home in Wellington Avenue, has held talks with Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Stuart.

Mr Stuart, who met with EE yesterday, said: “I have been told the problems relate to trees obstructing the masts, and they are seeking permission to get them lopped.

Mr Poole switched from Vodafone to EE in December, but two months ago he found he could rarely get more than one bar of phone signal or internet access wherever he went in the town.

Mr Poole said: “EE have made some interesting claims.

“We looked at the heat maps on their website, and it says areas of Hornsea should have access to 2G and 4G.

“If we type our postcode into their coverage checker, it shows the whole of Hornsea should have this really intense area of 4G.

“When I rang up to complain, one of their customer service staff told me I should only be able to get it outside of our property.

“My argument is that they sold me a contract which they are not honouring as they have stopped giving me a service that they used to.”

The businessman, who also trades as a freelance photographer, says he relies on having a consistent phone signal.

“On a positive front, they have said they are committed to covering 90 per cent of our geography by 2017, so we will go from having pretty poor coverage to near universal.

“They also feel that land owners are holding them to ransom, as they can be charged up to £7,500 to erect each mast.”

An EE spokeswoman said: “Works in the area are ongoing to resolve a fault, but in reference to questions about the coverage checker, this does indicate that 4G is currently outdoor only.

“3G is available both indoor and outdoor, but this is currently affected by a fault we’re working to address as quickly as possible.”

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