Trees being removed at Greshop Woods

by | Aug 13, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

An operation was carried out last week to remove some trees from the Greshop Woods.

A large proportion of woodlands was felled during work to complete the flood scheme, but a belt of trees, was left standing.

However, they too could soon be removed.

Peter Grant Peterkin from Grange Hall Estates owns the woods, which are located on the South side of the River Findhorn, near the Greshop Industrial estate.

He told the Gazette that work was carried out last week to remove some trees, with further work planned for the coming weeks.

“A timber contractor has been removing the dead elm trees and a mix of dead and grouped sycamore trees at Greshop,” he said.

He explained that a felling licence has been issued for the softwoods and these trees will be cut in the autumn before there is further wind blow damage.

He added: “The felling licence is for a clear fell of eight hectares but some trees will remain as hard woods are not included in the contractor’s bid.”