Treelands launches programme to streamline management

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The aim of the programme is to maximise the time forest managers spend in the woodlands and forests that belong to the organisation’s clients across the country.

By putting this programme in place Treelands will ensure that the management of it’s operations is safe and protects the environment. It also improves the efficency and quality of reporting and budgeting procedures.

Guy Warren, head of forestry for Treelands, said: “We believe that our foresters best serve the interests of our clients by being in their woods, not tied to their desks. We also believe that they cannot supervise woodland activities unless they have an adequate presence on site. The health and safety, environmental and economic risks are simply too dynamic and subject to such vagaries as the weather, contractor operatives and timber markets. Planning is key, and that requires an intimate knowledge of our clients’ woodlands.

“With this new assurance management programme in place our forest managers will be better informed and, as a result, able to provid our clients with the advice and reporting structures they need to be able to make informed decisions about their woodlands. We can also reassure them that their asset is in good hands.”