Tree work to begin in Redditch

by | Jan 20, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Redditch’s woodlands are set to get a spruce-up as part of the council’s proactive management programme.

The next phase will see contractors carrying out the work at woodlands including Walkwood Coppice, Stonepits Coppice, Oakenshaw Wood, Pitcheroak Woods, Arrow Valley Park and Washford Drive.

Council leader Bill Hartnett said: “Redditch boasts some beautiful woodlands – and we want to keep them that way for residents to enjoy for years to come.”

The work will include felling weak and overcrowded trees to allow more space, light and water for the remaining trees, allowing them to develop further into maturity as higher quality trees.

Also the coppicing of hazel and holly within selected coups.

The action aims to provide and develop a varied and health age structure of trees, shrub level and ground flora within the woodlands to ensure its longevity.

The council’s senior arboricultural officer, Gavin Boyes, said: !Woodlands have been managed in this way for centuries and without ongoing proactive management the biodiversity value and structure of woodland soon diminishes.

“Residents do get concerned that trees are being felled but any initial impact is greatly outweighed by the benefits gained.

“Enabling more light to penetrate to ground level allows and encourages natural regeneration and gives a mosaic of habitat that is vital for biodiversity of the woodland.”

Teams will be tackling the trees for the next few weeks.

Anyone requiring more information can email