Tree surgeon walks Hadrian’s Wall in memory of Sycamore Gap

by | Jan 8, 2024 | Latest, News

A tree surgeon has hiked Hadrian’s Wall in response to the illegal felling of the much loved Sycamore Gap tree late last year.

Nick Wilson, founder of Green Line Arb, completed the 88 mile walk in just over 23 hours on New Year’s Day to raise money for the National Trust and Wilderness Foundation.

Wilson says the felling of the iconic tree was a “shocking” and “terrible act of vandalism”, saying he underwent the almost 24 hour walk “to show that tree surgeons really care.”

“I’ve been a tree surgeon for 18 years and feel very connected to the landscape, and feel as an arborist you understand trees at a deeper level.

“We are not just outlaws with chainsaws going around cutting down beautiful trees.”

Wilson underwent several months of training in preparation for the walk, saying he was “determined to go for it and get it done in 24 hours.”

Starting at 00:00 GMT on 1 January at Bowness on Solway, Wilson completed the challenge at 23:10 in Wallsend.

He came away saying the hike left him “pretty beaten up” but “mentally in high spirits.” 

App software company for tree surgeons, Green Line Arb is calling on nature enthusiasts, arborists, and the public to follow in Wilson’s stride and join this ‘symbolic’ journey in memory of the Sycamore Gap tree.