Tree suppliers have secured a royal contract

by | Nov 18, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

A tree supplier company in Snitterby has provided 60,000 tree protection products to Windsor Great Park and the Crown Estate in Berkshire.

British Hardwood Tree Nursery Limited, which is based near Gainsborough, has secured a contract and delivered nearly 60,000 tree stakes, tree guards and spirals.

The products will protect individual plants in a number of hedgerow and forestry planting projects across Windsor Great Park.

The park covers almost 5,000 acres, parts of which are open to the public and is frequented by visitors for picnics, walking, cycling and horse riding.

It is the only Royal Park managed by the Crown Estate and welcomes close to three million people per year.

It includes Savil Garden, Valley Gardens and Virginia Water.

The Lincolnshire tree supplier, currently celebrating 25 years’ in business, secured the contract to supply the tree protection products after they were contacted by the Crown Estate’s forestry team, ahead of a large planting programme planned for this season.

British Hardwood Tree Nursery’s Managing Director, Andrew Henderson and his supply team ensured the wooden stakes, tubes and spiral guards, distributed on behalf of the UK’s leading tree protection supplier, Tubex, arrived on site ahead of the Park’s planned planting seasonwhich begins in earnest towards the end of November 2014.

The tree protection products are vital to the early establishment of the young trees and plants, ensuring they thrive and develop without the potential damage from the Park’s wildlife.

This contract is indicative of British Hardwood Tree Nursery’s activity supplying UK grown trees and hedging from UK provenance, as well as the full range of planting accessories into the farming, forestry and landscaping industry across the UK.

This year British Hardwood Tree Nursery reaches a quarter of a century in business, supplying trees and hedging to forestry, farming and landscaping markets across the UK.