Tree specialists help St Albans fire crews with mock rescue

by | Nov 29, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

St Albans Fire Station has teamed up with arboriculture specialists Gristwood and Toms to gain some hands on experience of rescuing a motorists trapped by a tree.

The firm helped the fire station’s Green Watch team by simulating an incident involving a tree falling on a car, providing the firefighters with confidence in dealing with such circumstances.

Crew commander Ellis Arnett said the firm, “very kindly offered its services and yard to enable the Fire Service to practice their skills at this unusual and complex type of incident.

“This joint working partnership has proved a success and has enabled crews at St Albans to experience this type of incident for real.

CC Arnett added: “It is rare that we have the opportunity to practice our technical rescue skills in such a realistic environment.

“We carry a number of specialist tools on our Rescue Support Unit at St Albans and we are always looking for training opportunities. Working with Gristwood and Toms has been great to get hands-on with our chainsaws and rescue equipment.”

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