A tree specialist awarded national trophy for arboricultural excellence

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

A St Albans arboriculturist has been awarded the Royal Forestry Society’s Lockhart Garratt Trophy for Arboricultural Excellence after gaining the highest marks in the RFS Professional Diploma in Arboriculture examination.

Claire Nash, who runs The Tree Bureau, is an arboricultural consultant and writer who converted a life-time passion for trees into her profession after a serious car crash in 1999 made her question what was most important in her working life.

She received the trophy and a cash prize from John A. Lockhart, chairman of Lockhart Garratt, at the Arboricultural Association’s annual conference [last week (16 September)].

‘I’m especially pleased to receive the award at the Arboricultural Association’s annual conference in its 50th anniversary year,’ she said.

‘The trophy highlights the importance of continuing professional development for those in the arboricultural industry and is a good example of several professional bodies and business working together.’

A specialist in creating learning materials for adults, Claire has written, co-written and edited more than 40 books, mainly about environmental health, and has written, produced or directed a number of training programmes and blended learning materials. Her current arboricultural work spans the usual range of tree-related consultancy.