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by | Feb 11, 2016 | Featured Slider, Features

The combination of traditional arborist skills with the latest in smart digital technology looks to be a trend set to continue in 2016.

Conservation Contractors had secured a large tree maintenance contract with a private healthcare provider. Following initial trials with Tree SMART Arb, on implementing and demonstrating to the customer the results of their initial tree surveys, Conservation Contractors were awarded more sites to survey and manage.

Company owner, William Warden, explains “We work for a number of organisations who have large tree stocks across a range of locations. We wanted a system that has the ability to survey and record accurate tree locations with detailed assessments. We chose ‘Tree SMART Arb’ from KaarbonTech because of its ease-of-use and the capacity to automatically produce professional tree reports.” “Being able to export geo located tree data, complete with inspection information, allows us to share data with our customers easily. Viewing data on GIS packages, Google Earth or creating printable reports is a focus of the system”

‘Tree SMART Arb’ is designed to be used on iOS and Android devices; the software meets the BS5837 standard and allows for a complete history of maintenance to be recorded against a tree. The system uses Ordnance Survey data to ensure accuracy.

KaarbonTech designed the software around the requirements of arborists. By removing barriers to sharing data and enabling wireless communication users are better able to co-ordinate work programmes.

Conservation Contractors, which is based in Devizes, has 14 full-time staff and performs tree surgery, risk/hazard assessments and tree surveying for a range of clients. The company also provides fencing, weed control, vegetation management and wood chip to biomass services.

The team at Conservation Contractors will use the software to record the health and vitality of trees along with details of life stage e.g. newly planted, young, semi-mature, over mature or veteran. A range of service requests can be generated including, but not restricted to planting, felling and removal of suckers. Pest and disease control can be captured and as can application of fertilizer or installation of a cable brace.

Species and condition recording can be accompanied by photographic and video inspection verification. The Root Protection Area (RPA) is automatically calculated and the visual representation of the crown of a tree against the mapping background provided enhanced perspective helping identify highway overhang issues and property infringement.

Mark Entwistle, Managing Director of KaarbonTech, says “Tree SMART Arb is ideal for private arborists and consultants who perform tree surveys and provide arboricultural services. Our solutions are designed to be easy to use while allowing for professional results to be obtained and shared with clients.  The simplicity of reporting allows quick identification of trees in need of maintenance which reduces the risk of injury to the general public through poorly maintained trees.”

Harnessing software technology to improve the working experience and deliver improved data recording seems to be good news for arborists, the trees they manage and their clients.


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