Tree planting to help revitalise popular wooded area

by | Dec 22, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Hundreds of young trees have just been planted by volunteers in Gainsborough’s historic Mercer Wood.

Conservation volunteers have been helped by local students from CLIP and the Environmental Studies Group as well as the regular conservation volunteers.

West Lindsey Councillor Gill Bardsley, chairman of the Mercer Wood Community Group hopes this will mean a new lease of life for the woodland.

“Mercer Wood has been used by fly tippers for years and so we’ve cleared a lot of their rubbish away,” she said.

“It’s also been a place that attracts anti-social behaviour, but it is still used by the wider community.

“With our clearing of rubbish and this planting of so many trees we’re trying to respect and cherish this area.”

“In the past it’s been allotments and the site of Mercer’s animal feed mill.”

Plans include making the wood more welcoming and to secure funding for a woodland management plan.

The group also hopes to make the woods’ entrance more welcoming and to create a small community garden.

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