New strategy will enhance tree conservation in west Norfolk

by | Aug 28, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The “immense value” of west Norfolk trees and woodland is set to be highlighted when a new long-term strategy is rolled out to safeguard them.

The Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk’s cabinet agreed to adopt a 10-year programme for sustaining the area’s urban forests, called the Tree and Woodland Strategy.

The plan is the first of its kind at the council, and was prepared following a consultation during the spring, including with Natural England, Norfolk Wildlife Trust and parish councils.

Although there will be a focus on the whole of the borough, the key target area will be King’s Lynn.

The main aims of the strategy include maintaining and enhancing the tree population and better protect trees from diseases, pests and climate change, and promote tree conservation.

The plan mentions that trees planted in catchment areas can reduce flooding of rivers, particularly flooding caused by surface run-off, with large parts of King’s Lynn within the flood plain of the river Great Ouse.

A council spokesman said: “The tree strategy has been written to safeguard the boroughs tree stock and to layout future plans for the growth of our tree stock.

“We need to safeguard our trees against new threats from pests and diseases and we would do this by species selection and planting site locations.

“Climate change is another factor when dealing with the management of our trees in the future and, as with pest and disease, species selection and planting locations are key.”

They added: “It is important that we maintain, and grow, our tree stock to ensure that the borough is a green and healthy place to live and work. Many studies have proven that trees have many health benefits from cleansing the air and promoting well-being.”

The authority also wants developers to think about tree placement when they build new houses.

Works in relation to the strategy have already started with a project called Street Trees for Lynn, which is run in conjunction with the King’s Lynn Civic Society and the Groundworks Gallery.

Last season 10 trees were planted around the town and the council currently looking for more planting sites for the upcoming season.