Tree care equipment that aims to deter criminals

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Featured Slider, Kit

A new initiative for the tree care industry is enabling companies and individuals to securely manage their business assets online and to publicise thefts in an attempt to make it harder for criminals to pass on stolen goods.  Heralded as the tree care industry’s first asset management and stolen equipment register, Arbsafe has already seen more than 200 individuals register over 350 items in the two weeks since its launch.

Arbsafe is a new initiative by and sponsored by STIHL GB as a direct response to the continued increase in crime targeted at the tree care industry.  Arbsafe provides a publicly searchable database of any stolen equipment registered within its pages, with the ultimate goal to act both as a deterrent to criminals and also to assist with reuniting owners with their stolen assets.

Free to use, Arbsafe enables users to register their business assets in a private and secure online database, listing serial and model numbers as a record of their equipment and tools – anything from their chainsaws and chippers to heavy plant.  Users can then flag up any registered assets that are subsequently stolen, which will immediately appear on the Arbsafe home page for open public viewing.  Making the serial numbers of stolen equipment readily available to anyone with internet access, aims to help combat the sale of stolen equipment as anyone can check if a product they are offered has a serial number registered on the ‘stolen’ list.  Possible users include anyone looking to buy, or who is offered second-hand equipment, or even dealers wishing to check the ownership of equipment they take for trade-in, service or repair.  A Search function allows users to check ‘offered’ equipment by model or serial number and immediately see if it is on the list of registered stolen kit.                                                                                                  …/…


Stolen equipment details are publicised in Arbsafe e-mail alerts to subscribers, highlighting the possibility that thieves may be operating in their area and giving them the opportunity to apply extra vigilance in their security. Recent thefts are also highlighted on a hotspot map on the Arbsafe home page, again enabling site visitors to see where thefts have been made.

Speaking about the initiative, Arbsafe founder Steve Bullman said: “We realise that besides security precautions, there is very little we can do to prevent theft.  What we can do however, is work together to raise awareness of the problem.  One of the goals of Arbsafe is to make the re-sale of stolen equipment harder.  That can only be done through mass adoption of the Arbsafe initiative so we’re encouraging everyone to spread the word and help make a difference together!”

Helping encourage people to spread the word, main sponsor of Arbsafe, STIHL GB is offering anyone who registers at least one asset with Arbsafe by 31st October 2014, the chance to win £500 worth of STIHL clothing or accessories in a free prize draw.

Demonstrating powerful interest in the Arbsafe initiative, over 200 members had registered more than 350 assets on the site, within just two weeks of its official launch at APF 2014.

Commenting, Simon Hewitt, STIHL GB Head of Marketing said: “We know how important professionals’ equipment is to them, and we know the significant impact any kit loss can have on their business success and reputation.  That’s why we’re pleased to support this imaginative initiative.  We encourage people to use the Arbsafe site to register their equipment, and then to monitor theft hotspots and cross-check the stolen list before considering their purchase of any ‘new’ or used kit.”

To register equipment free on Arbsafe, or to check the list of stolen equipment, visit the site now: