Timberwolf is on track with another market leading chipper

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Introducing the TW 280TFTR 8”


There are times when the terrain is rough. Not just awkward or uneven, but seriously off-road. You need to get the chipper to the job, not bring the job to the chipper. If you’re looking for the ground-covering performance and the efficiency and work rate you’ve come to expect from Timberwolf, the TW 280TFTR 8” tracked chipper will get in and get the job done.


A tough machine for tough jobs.


Timberwolf has been setting new standards in wood chipper manufacture for 30 years. In that time they have amassed a huge amount of research and data on real-world use. This latest machine is a result of years of design, development and testing. Replacing the long-established, market-leading TW 190TFTR 7.5” tracked chipper was always going to be a tough ask and they’ve produced an equally tough machine.



Powerful, reliable, capable.


Designed for professionals, this new model has an extra-wide feed funnel and open top section to provide better visibility and ease of feeding. It has a wider in-feed aperture (280mm x 200mm) which is 15% wider than the nearest rival. This design reduces snedding and provides maximum results with minimum efforts. It has a powerful and reliable Kubota 4-cylinder turbo charged diesel engine which provides a substantial 45hp to finish and deliver any kind of job.


Get in, get the job done.


TW 280TFTR has a low vibration and ergonomically designed ride-on platform for ultimate comfort and safety. It has a two-speed tracking system, low gear speed to negotiate difficult terrain and a higher gear speed to cover distance efficiently. Both speeds are infinitely variable with a conveniently mounted engine throttle. It has a better ground clearance of 245mm to tackle uneven surface, with smooth running tracks and low centre of gravity to enhance stability on different gradients. In short, it will get you there.


Everything you’d expect, and more.


There’s also Timberwolf’s legendary no-stress auto-feed control for smooth operation, combined with a heavier rotor giving added inertia to get the job done quicker. It has in-feed controls which are conveniently located on either side of the hopper; enhancing the safety for the user. It is also equipped with Timberwolf’s innovative double cuts per revolution technology and renowned reversible hollow ground design blades to deliver maximum chipping performance.


The machine has a strategically designed access panel for easier removal of blades and remote central greasing point for easy greasing of rotor bearings and feed rollers making life easier for operators. This sophisticated design saves time and money on maintenance.



For more information, you can visit www.timberwolf-uk.com or call their specialist sales team on (+44) 01449765800.



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