Tilhill staff grow their Professional Chartered Foresters Member’s status

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Tilhill is proud to announce the achievement of four of its managers in gaining their Institute of Chartered Foresters (ICF) Professional Membership Entry (PME) status. 

Tilhill has more chartered foresters than any other employer in the UK and actively supports all applicable staff in achieving their chartered status.

Tilhill’s forestry director and former President of the Institute of Chartered Foresters, David Edwards said: “Membership of the Institute is a very important aspect of being a Tilhill Manager. The company pays the membership subscription fee and supports staff members as they plan their route to chartered status. It is great to be the employer with the most institute members and Chartered Foresters.

“Chartered status demonstrates a commitment to continuing professional development and as a company we are delighted to have a further four professional forest managers within our forestry team. Well done all.”

The most recent cohort of chartered Tilhill staff includes forest managers Rob Baker, one of the youngest Chartered Foresters in the UK, Iain Pettifor, Jenny Bjars, and Danielle Olding.

Dr Stuart Glen, Institute of Chartered Foresters said of the Tilhill staff achievements: “Once again, it is fantastic to see Tilhill championing professional standards in forestry by supporting staff in gaining their chartered status. Chartered status is an international badge of excellence recognised by peers, colleagues, clients and the wider public. Chartered status is an international badge of excellence recognised by peers, colleagues, clients and the wider public. Of the 39 members promoted to Professional Member this year, four are from Tilhill. Sincere congratulations to Danielle, Iain, Jenny and Rob. Wear those post-nominals with pride, you’ve earned them!”

Introducing Tilhill’s latest ICF professional members:

Rob Baker, forest manager

Rob joined Tilhill having gained a First-Class Honours degree in Forestry Management from the University of Cumbria. In the process of gaining this degree he picked up the Tilhill sponsored student prize for his final year submission. Having progressed through the industry leading Tilhill graduate scheme, Rob’s role as forest manager has him overseeing a diverse range of forest properties and woodland creation projects.

Jenny Bjars, forest manager

Jenny has a Master’s degree in Forest Resource Management and Economics and joined Tilhill’s graduate scheme in 2013. She manages a woodland portfolio of commercial conifer and broadleaf plantations and native broadleaf woodlands managed for recreation, conservation, and habitat restoration.

Iain Pettifor, forest manager

Iain attended the Scottish School of Forestry in Inverness, gaining a BSc in Sustainable Forest Management in 2010. He joined Tilhill in January 2011 and manages a varied portfolio of forestry across North West Scotland.

Danielle Olding, forest manager

Danielle graduated from the Royal Agricultural University with a degree in rural land management. She has a farming background with experience in farm woodland planning and management, new planting design and small-scale agroforestry systems on lowland farms. Danielle joined Tilhill in 2022 having previously worked for the Forestry Commission.