The RFS award Warwickshire forester after over thirty years service

by | May 22, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

A forester who has planted more than 85,000 trees on the Alscot Estate near Stratford-upon- Avon in Warwickshire, has received an award from the Royal Forestry Society (RFS).

George Wargent, 67, who lives in Wellesbourne, received the award in recognition of his 35 years on the estate during a meeting of the Royal Forestry Society at Blenheim Palace.

RFS President Sir Jack Whitaker said: ” George has already planted a terrific legacy, including 2,500 trees for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and several plantations across the estate. He is about to start work on the Park woodland restoration plan and his experience will ensure a thriving future for the woodlands for generations to come. ”

“The growing of trees is a long game, so we need people who understand and commit to these big timescales and George’s knowledge built up over decades is of huge value to the future success of trees being planted now.”

Estate owner Emma Holman-West commented “George always has a wonderful smile and a great knowledge of the Estate.”