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The Fund4Trees / Gristwood and Toms ‘Capital Cities UKI Bike Challenge’ got underway, April 15th at the crack of dawn, departing from the Gristwood and Toms Twickenham depot. Cycling to all capital cities (route: London-Cardiff-Dublin-Belfast-Edinburgh-London), we’ll be planting trees in loads of schools along the way and giving interactive outdoor classroom sessions on the benefits of trees in our urban environment.

As well as connecting young people with trees and nature, the Ride for Research aims to raise the profile of Fund4Trees, a charitable body whose main objectives are to:

  • promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment by promoting sustainable treescapes.
  • advance the education of the public in the conservation, protection and improvement of trees.
  • advance research for the public benefit in all aspects of trees and to publish the useful results.

Fund4Trees (F4T) is THE arboricultural industry charity and it has a growing legacy that includes sponsorship for:

  • A high-powered microscope for Forest Research to support investigations into Acute Oak Decline.
  • The TDAG publication: Trees in the Townscape: A Guide for Decision Makers.
  • A European Tree of the Year tour to raise public awareness.

Please join your industry colleagues by donating to the Fund4Trees charity and help Gristwood and Toms to support sustainable treescapes across Britain.

You can choose between the following schemes:

Donate One Hour is a new Fund4Trees initiative for arboricultural industry employees from both public and private sector that enables you to contribute regularly a small percentage of your salary via PAYE as a charitable monthly donation. For example, imagine if all the local government Tree Officers in the UK donated £5-10/month then Fund4Trees could support significant arboricultural/urban forestry research to benefit our industry.

Donate One Job is a new Fund4Trees initiative for employers and sole traders that enables you/your company to provide a charitable annual donation to research that will benefit you as practitioners of the arboricultural industry.

How it works

  • You/your company provide a charitable annual donation to Fund4Trees to support research that will benefit you as practitioners of the arboricultural industry.
  • The intention is that your donation would reflect the average income from one contract.
  • The donation would be proportionate to the size of your company and could be as little as £150 for sole traders.
  • For larger companies the annual donation could be more.
  • Making the donation is simple. Click on the link below:

Donate to Fund4Trees via Just Giving

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