Students plant over 100 trees

by | Jun 16, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Youngsters at a Leeds school have rolled up their sleeves and planted over 100 native species of trees to help encourage wildlife into the school’s grounds.

Ryecroft Academy in Farnley were sponsored by vending company Selecta UK to plant the trees as part of Carbon Footprint’s national Trees4schools campaign.

Dr Wendy Buckley, founder and director of Carbon Footprint Ltd, said: “Selecta have a programme of sustainability and are committed to reducing carbon emissions in their business.

“By planting in schools, they’re making a conscious effort to benefit local communities and to educate the younger generation on being responsible for the environment.”

Selecta UK, provided the seeds that the academy’s pupils, aged eight to 10, planted with a little support from staff.

All 120 trees planted are native British species such as Dog Rose, Geulder Rose, Bird Cherry and Goat Willow.

Carbon Footprint’s native broad leaf tree planting programme aims to not only help to reduce carbon emissions, but also provide biodiversity benefits and wildlife habitats.

Planting the trees is just one contribution to the school’s wider project that aims to encourage wildlife into the school grounds.

In addition to planting the trees, the West Leeds school has created a variety of habitats including a pond and wild flower garden as part of the project.

School teacher Simon Day said: “We were delighted to receive over 100 native species of trees to plant.

“The children had such an enjoyable experience planting them, learning about the different species and they especially enjoyed digging holes to plant them in.”

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