Stihl set to launch lightest high-performance forestry saw

by | Mar 31, 2018 | Featured Slider, Kit, Latest, News

STIHL is set to launch a new high-performance forestry saw in June 2018, the lightest chainsaw in the 70cm3 cubic capacity class, ideal for felling, pruning and fit for any forest, making the saw a true all-rounder.

Weighing only 6kg and developing 6hp, the new MS 462 C-M is extremely simple to manoeuvre and has outstanding acceleration, with 100km/h speeds achieved in only 0.3 seconds. With a new lighter and smaller diameter flywheel, the compact design and ease of use of the saw makes it perfect for prolonged use in rough terrain. In addition, a reduced gyroscopic force also provides optimal handling and energy efficient work when tackling medium and high density stands.

Despite its compact nature, the MS 462 C-M pulls no punches when it comes to performance. Powered by a STIHL economical 2-MIX 4.4 KW engine, the saw boasts a very high torque over a wide speed range meaning tougher jobs are tackled with ease, especially pruning. What’s more, the M-Tronic electronic engine management system ensures optimal engine performance, constant maximum engine speed and very good acceleration in all operating conditions – even from a cold start.

Always with the professional in mind, the new STIHL anti-vibration system offers a low vibration load and high stability – significantly reducing stress on hand and arm muscles and reducing energy expansion whilst working. The ElastoStart force absorbing grip also allows for smooth starting without jerks.

From a maintenance point of view, the new HD2 air filter with radial seal offers peace of mind by providing even longer service life and an improved fine dust filtering effect, which lengthens cleaning intervals. In addition, the one piece hood with quarter turn fasteners allow easy access to all parts for maintenance and the side mounted chain tensioning, along with the captive nuts on the sprocket cover ensures maintenance and repair is kept simple.