STIHL launches its ‘most powerful’ battery pole pruners to date

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Kit, Latest

STIHL has launched two new professional battery pole pruners, the company’s ‘most powerful’ to date. 

Both the HTA 150 and HTA 160 offer an output on par with the petrol HTA 135 pole pruner at 1.4 kW, and 0.3kW higher than the HTA 135. 

While the HTA 160 boasts a telescopic shade with a maximum length of 405 cm, the HTA 150 offers a shorter, fixed length shaft.

Both models offer easy maneuverability due to the lightweight magnesium gearbox, with a sprocket cover designed to efficiently eject wood shavings.

Like other tools in the AP System, the HTA 150 and HTA 160 feature a metal mesh air filter, helping to cool the battery and motor during operation, designed to prolong both tools lifetime. 

Compatible with the Smart Connector 2 A, both models provide operational insights, including working time and working speed history, as well as alerting the user when maintenance tasks are due.

For more information on the HTA range and STIHL’s professional battery tools, visit