Stihl launches first climbing helmet

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Featured Slider, Kit, Latest, News

STIHL has launched its first multi-norm helmet, the X-Climb. Designed for use on the ground as well as climbing, it offers full ear and face protection.

Ideal for professionals working both on the ground as well as in trees, the X-Climb features a high visibility all-round reflective strip, plus large side and rear helmet openings for better ventilation. The four-point chinstrap with innovative magnetic buckle makes for quick-fastening when suiting up and the headband is easily adjusted using the rotary knob to find the best position.

The nylon visor provides sturdy eye protection even in the toughest working conditions and the ear-defenders feature high insulation hearing protection capsules with a value of SNR 28 (H: 35, M: 26, L: 16).

Conforming to both EN 397 for industrial safety helmets (or ‘hard hats’) and EN 12492 for climbing and mountaineering helmets, the X-Climb is compatible with a number of accessories, including the BT ear defender adapters and rain and debris neck protection scarf.