SRUC wins prestigious national training award

by | Oct 11, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

The Forestry and Arboriculture section at the Barony have recently won a prestigious national training award from STF Scottish Training Federation annual awards in-The Most Innovative and Creative Employability Provider of the year. We are also shortlisted for the CDN (College Development Network) category in Digital Education category.

The project started its origins in 2011 when students carried out practical work locally under supervision at the end of their course which gave them authentic experience in real life situations. Such as surveying a local Park in Dumfries for the council, Pollarding Street trees in Lockerbie as well as dismantling trees in private gardens for people.

This year we decided to formalise the project more so that the students had a chronological recorded experience of carrying out a contract where they worked in groups. We used drone for video recording of pre work site inspection along with go pro camera. In addition to this we recorded their work with both Go pro’s and a DJI drone so they could use the footage in their e portfolio demonstrating the process of creating and fulfilling a contract. The PCM ( Practical Contract Management) as we dubbed it is an online model developed which  assists students in project planning, e-Communicating, e-Mentoring and e-Collaborating within online team-based Moodle Forums.

The project has attracted interest from the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) which with the collaboration of SRUC Barony Campus Forestry and Arboriculture section will create this as training units to be rolled out across Scotland.

Veronica Harris, SQA project manager, says :”SRUC at Barony Campus is leading the way in extending the possibilities of using digital approaches to learning, teaching and e-Assessment.  The arboriculture course on Practical Contract Management that the Barony Campus offers uses ground breaking technologies such as drones and GoPro head cameras to collect evidence digitally.  This is further supported by a sophisticated and tailored Mahara e-portfolio which provides the students with the ability to generate and store their work and to use the data after leaving college in support of their achievements when dealing with prospective employers.  SQA fully supports and endorses the approach taken by the team at Barony Campus.”

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