Specification manual launched by Barcham

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Barcham Trees has published a 44-page Specification Manual as a guide to specifying young trees from the nursery.  It explains the nursery production processes involved in young tree production, highlighting the good and bad practice found in the three main production methods used on UK tree nurseries.  The manual also includes clear, concise statements for use in the drafting of specifications for the procurement and supply of young trees.

Written and illustrated by Barcham’s Keith Sacre, the Specification Manual gives the nursery’s perspective on what is important when constructing young tree specifications, but Keith also recommends reference to BS8545: From Nursery to Independence in the Landscape (2014), The European Technical and Quality Standards for Nursery Stock (2010), and the National Plant Specification Guide (www.gohelios.co.uk)

The manual has chapters on tree health, branch, stem and crown development, and root system development and management.  To request a free copy of the Barcham Specification Manual, please telephone 01353 720748 or go online at www.barchampro.co.uk