Smartphone ticketing could save 2.64 million UK trees

by | Jun 8, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

According to the latest research from, Over 2.64 million trees in the UK could be saved each year if Brits ditched paper ticketing for smartphone alternatives.

This is according to the latest research from, which included a sample of 1,000 surveyed on May 30. The survey found that more UK residents are using their smartphones as a form of digital ticketing. This included boarding passes (23 per cent), rail tickets (20 per cent), bus and coach tickets (19 per cent) and event tickets (18 per cent). claims that 2.64 million trees could be saved each year, preserving 20 billion litres of water in production costs. It also claimed over 887,000 trees could be saved by switching from physical boarding passes to digital ones.

However, the research also recorded responses on why users were reluctant to switch to smartphone ticketing. Running out of battery (57 per cent), losing the phone (55 per cent), security (55 per cent), losing WiFi signal (54 per cent) and the ticket not being accepted (48 per cent) were the main reasons. spokesperson Abby Francis said: “With a growing number of retailers, ticket vendors and transport services accepting mobile tickets, we don’t believe it will be long until consumers adopt these greener technologies.

“However, as the research suggests, there is still plenty for manufacturers to be working on in order to encourage further use. Battery life and security are universal considerations for smartphone development, whilst tickets working without Wi-Fi are becoming standard.”