Showcase your skills with the R2 register

by | Jun 11, 2015 | Business, Features

R2, the new online tool that allows you to demonstrate your skills, knowledge and experience to potential customers, will soon be live. Here’s how it works…

The new Register of Tree Work Operatives (R2) looks set to provide arboriculturists with the opportunity to demonstrate their attained skills and experience, businesses with the necessary information to identify which operatives have the required skills to undertake specific types of tree work and to prove compliance
when tendering for new contracts.

Speaking about the positive feedback the scheme received from a recent pilot group, the chair of the project’s management committee, Jaime Bray of Treetop Arboriculture, said: “It is exciting to hear that most have found R2 to be useful as well as easy to navigate, from both an employee and employer’s perspective. With trials having been successful, the steering group is working on the launch and roll out of the scheme.”

It is hoped that R2 will give a clear career pathway for those entering the industry and assist employers in their appraisal of individuals’ development and achievement, which can then be linked to pay awards and promotions. In the meantime, here’s what you can expect once the system goes live…

Joining R2

The first step is to register on to the system. Follow the ‘Join here’ link to the payment page. On successful completion of the registration and payment process, you will receive log in credentials with which to manage your account. If you are a business wishing to register multiple users, you will need to contact the R2 administrator.


If you are a new entrant to the industry, you will join at entry level and work up through the job grades as your
career progresses. If you are an experienced operative, you will be allocated a job of ‘ungraded’. The next step is to add relevant information to your record to apply to become one of the following; tree worker (ground); tree worker (aerial) or craftsman tree worker.There is a list of qualifications on your record. Here you can upload evidence against the qualifications for the job grade for which you are applying.

Build your CV

Once that information is added, you can upload a CV to the documents section. This must detail your time worked in the industry to meet the work history times for a specific job grade. For each job in your CV, you’ll need to state the name of your employer, the business and its postal address. You’ll also need to upload one professional reference who can verify your career history.

R2 job grade

Finally, once you have uploaded your qualifications and evidence of work history, you can apply to R2 for the appropriate job grade by paying an administration fee. R2 will check your record and a decision will be made as to whether you have achieved enough to be granted the job grade. If successful, your role will be changed. If unsuccessful, it will be explained why and advice will be given as to what is required to achieve the grade.

For further information about R2 or to register, please visit You can follow R2 on Twitter @R2_Online