Sherriff Amenity to Offer Fortetub in UK

by | Oct 2, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest

Sherriff Amenity has announced that it is now offering the Fortetub range of twin walled tree shelters exclusively to the UK market. The Fortetub range enhances plant survival on all Landscaping, Forestry and Agricultural planting projects.

Manufactured using environmentally acceptable polypropylene, the Fortetub range has a unique design which creates a microclimate for the plant and with a bevelled top, damage to the plant caused by windburn is avoided. Its twin wall structure allows condensation and reduces moisture, resulting in higher plant survival rates.

Tree shelters of this quality are extremely hard to come by in the UK which is why Sherriff Amenity searched further afield in order to sustain its philosophy of offering superior products to its committed customer base. The Fortetub range is produced in the Province of Huelva, South of Spain, where a dedicated team are responsible for the production of microclimate grow tubes.

“It’s about time that a new shelter should be available to the UK forestry and landscaping market that is well made and, more importantly, great value for money.  The Fortetub range come in three sizes; so there is a solution to help all young trees survive in their early years” said Nick Gillett, forestry and landscaping sales specialist at Sherriff Amenity.

As Nick says, the twin walled range of shelters come in three sizes – from the ‘entry level’ standard 60cm to a 75cm for hare protection and the larger 1.2m for deer protection. They have a weak splitting point down the side of the tube and a flared rim at the top which offers added protection and with long, adjustable cable ties, Fortetub are easy to install

Fortetub tree shelters are also extremely accessible. Delivered to you in bags of 250 per bag (60cm and 75cm) and 140 per bag (1.2m), carrying them to your work location is not an arduous chore.

It is recommended that a square sawn tree shelter stake is used to support the Fortetub shelter which is also available from Sherriff Amenity.

The Fortetub range of tree shelters are available exclusively throughout the UK from Sherriff Amenity. For further information, please contact Sherriff Amenity on 01638 721 888 or visit

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