Scottish Landscape Futures event to tackle tree health

by | Sep 18, 2014 | Featured Slider, News

This conference provides a timely opportunity to explore and discuss the possible ways forward in dealing with this significant issue for our landscapes in the future and consider the potential scale of change and management implications.

Native and exotic tree species in Scotland, as elsewhere in the UK and abroad are currently experiencing challenges to their health and longevity.

Trees and woodlands provide key features and character in rural and urban landscapes in addition to providing important biodiversity and timber resources. This half day conference will focus on the current tree health situation in Scotland and elsewhere, and the issues and choices we need to consider to ensure the future of trees in the wider landscape and as a forestry resource, considering the various pathogen threats that now exist.

We know the effects of Dutch elm disease which resulted in the extensive loss of elm tree species in many landscapes across the UK, which are still evident nearly 40 years after the initial infections, with little sign of effective eradication of the disease. Today other diseases and pathogens, such as ash dieback, oak wilt and larch disease amongst others are increasingly evident.

The title of the conference, which will be held at Dynamic Earth, is ‘Creating Resilient Landscapes – The Issue of Tree Health’. Speakers will include¬†Duncan Stone, policy and land use adviser at Scottish Natural Heritage and¬†Dr. Simon Bell, director of the OPENspace research centre at Edinburgh University.

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