Saplings planted by Friends Of Allerton Grange Fields with TCV

by | Jan 8, 2016 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

300 young tree saplings have been planted by Friends of Allerton Grange Fields in north Leeds with help from The Conservation Volunteers (TCV). This has been undertaken as part of the national tree planting programme ‘I-Dig Trees 100 Year Legac by OVO Energy.

OVO Energy has funded the programme on behalf of their Greener Energy plan customers to deliver substantial benefits for communities across the UK. Over 157,000 trees have been planted in over 200 green spaces across the UK.

Friends of Allerton Grange Fields, a group formed in 2009, are working in partnership with Leeds City Council Parks & Countryside Service to protect, enhance and maintain the Allerton Grange Fields as a public green open space for present and future generation to enjoy. They were supported by volunteers from TCV, Roundhay Environmental Action Project Gardening Group and pupils from the Gifted & Talented Programme at Allerton Grange School. Volunteers planted tree saplings including Aspen, Small Leaved Lime, Common Oak and Common Alder.

Grateful for saplings

“We are very grateful to TCV and OVO Energy for funding the tree planning programme” said Bhupinder Dev, Chair of Friends of Allerton Grange Fields “we look forward to planting more trees in 2016 as we work with pupils at Allerton Grange Grange School on an exciting new community gardening project at Allerton Grange Fields”.