Safety concerns prompt felling of a diseased tree in Exeter

by | Dec 2, 2019 | Featured Slider, Latest, News, Pests and diseases

A large copper beech tree colonised by giant polypore fungus will have to be felled in Exeter because of safety concerns.

Officers from Exeter City Council have been monitoring the tree over the last year and have witnessed the deterioration of its health. White rot fungi has attacked the tree’s root system which has greatly affected the tree’s stability.

Because the vast majority of the decay occurs underground, it is difficult to monitor its spread.

The tree is located beside a number of parked cars and next to a popular footpath and cycle route popular with dog walkers.

A City Council spokesman said:
“We don’t take these matters lightly but at the end of the day our primary concern has to be safety.

“In Exeter we love our trees and have planted thousands over recent years. However we know that this tree is not in good health and will fail. We can’t risk it falling on someone or someone’s property and for that reason – and with great regret – it is necessary to take the tree down.”

The Council will be removing this tree from Wednesday 11 December, and the work should take 3-4 days. Some timber will be retained on site for ecological value and recreational use.

The tree will be replaced when the ground preparation is completed.