How to stay safe working near electricity power lines

by | Jun 12, 2018 | Featured Slider, Latest, News, Technical

Contact with electricity results in serious injury or even fatalities.

UK Power Networks distributes more than a quarter of the UK’s electricity to London, the South East and the East of England, using overhead and underground power lines and substations.

The company is urging workers to remember that where tree cutting equipment or machinery is used near overhead power lines, the risk must be considered and controlled. The Be Bright Stay Safe campaign supports safe working and behaviours, encourages the sharing of information and knowledge, and highlights the real risks of coming into contact with electricity.

The campaign is reminding people to:

  • Check – look up and around for overhead power lines before starting work
  • Contact UK Power Networks for maps showing where power lines are situated and mark them on site plans
  • Assess clearance distances to work safely near  overhead power lines. If in doubt, contact the electricity network operator
  • Ensure everyone working on site (including visitors, contractors and casual workers) are aware of the location and voltages of power lines before starting work
  • If you are erecting scaffolding, tree trimming or planning any other work close to overhead power lines, always contact UK Power Networks for advice on shrouding or disconnections before starting work
  • Use spotlights or lighting equipment when working in poor visibility or at night
  • Find out the maximum height of any equipment and machinery that may be used on site, when all parts of the machinery are fully extended
  • Clearly signpost the dangers with high visibility warning notices
  • Keep overhead power lines in view when moving plant and equipment

For further advice and cable maps visit

What to do in an emergency

  • Notify UK Power Networks: Dial 105
  • Call the emergency services if anyone is injured or there is a fire. Anyone who has received an electric shock should go to hospital as damage may have occurred to the heart
  • Never go near or touch any broken or fallen overhead electric power lines, or any plant, equipment or machinery that is in contact with an overhead power line
  • Never try to remove anything that is stuck, or in contact with the cable

Please support Be Bright Stay Safe by:

Raising awareness and understanding of the risks associated with electricity. Watch and share the safety animations

Plan ahead – know where overhead wires are, prior to starting work.

Spread the word – contact UK Power Networks for FREE safety stickers and leaflets.