Resilience and Sitka Spruce Mixtures Studies

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This study seeks assistance to identify and record any upland locations where mixed crops of Sitka spruce with relevant alternative conifers are currently growing. A selection of the sites notified can then be used as the basis for field reconnaissance visits. Mixtures of Sitka spruce with western hemlock, Douglas fir, grand fir, noble fir, silver firs, red cedars/ redwoods, Lawson cypress, Norway/ Serbian/ Oriental spruces are all of potential interest. This project will not examine standard nursing mixtures of Sitka spruce with pine or larch species. To be of interest, stands must represent either intimate or line-wise mixtures – examples where a sub-compartment is divided between discrete blocks of two or more species are much less relevant. Stands of any age are of potential interest, with emphasis on those predating 1990. Key details sought at this stage are map reference, location, access logistics, area of stand, planting year and species components. Examples with a well-recorded thinning history and recent GYC/ mensurational data will be of particular value, but it is recognised that very many stands will not have this information.

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Project: Forestry Commission Scotland (South Scotland) resilience study

Sector consultation/ information request

A regional-scale resilience study, focussing on the selection of potential alternative species (and supporting silvicultural approaches) to replace ash and larch crops currently being affected or threatened by disease. Responses are sought to the questions raised on form below. Where appropriate, Dr Wilson may contact you to discuss your responses either by e-mail, telephone interview or to arrange a field visit/ meeting.

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