Residents object to felling of protected trees for parking

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Local residents are objecting to plans to fell six protected Beech trees in the Alderley Edge Conservation area to provide room for temporary parking.

Residents are opposed to a planning application to cut down the mature trees, which are over 100 years old, so the area can be dug out and be used for temporary off-street parking for contractors whilst a neighbouring property off Macclesfield Road is redeveloped.

Sarah Shorland said “This would be a brutal and irrevocable decision if these healthy, well established beech trees were felled merely to enable private contractors to park on a temporary and short-term scale. In essence the proposal involves 100 year old trees being destroyed to facilitate a one-off parking period to redevelop an adjoining private property. If such a proposal were allowed it would create a damaging and dangerous precedent giving leeway to others to seek to do the same in an already challenged natural environment

“There are perfectly feasible alternatives to this destruction to create temporary parking. Contractors could park on the Badgers Hollow site itself which is extensive and surrounding low grade undergrowth could easily be cleared.

“i would strongly urge you to reject this high handed and ill advised proposal and allow these six mature trees to continue to thrive and enhance the Conservation Area and local landscape. The trees concerned are protected, having both Conservation Area and specific individual TPO protection. They are mature, around 100 years old and they are magnificent. They form an integral part of a treasured landscape valued and prized by locals and visitors for it’s unique natural beauty.They are a significant feature of the Conservation Area.”

Another objector said “The application is self-evidently a protest against the grant of planning permission on the adjacent Badgers Hollow on 24 June; 14/1719/M.

“The beech trees are mature and healthy and form an important part of the local landscape in the conservation area. This was a point stressed in the report of the planning officer on Badgers’ Hollow.”

The applicant Mr Holt, whose land the trees stand on, states “The trees are to be felled and the whole area grubbed out to provide safe and appropriate off street parking to facilitate the redevelopment of Badgers Hollow. This redevelopment which defies all common sense and results from the idiosyncratic interpretation of Planning Policy by the Local Planning Authority and poses a serious threat to public safety unless adequate measures are implemented to provide facilities for contractors plant and car parking.”

The planning application can be viewed on the Cheshire East Council website by searching for planning reference 14/3060T. A decision is expected by 4th August.