Railside tree cutting causes outrage among residents

by | Jan 28, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Residents have accused rail bosses of destroying the beauty of a country lane by carrying out a tree cutting programme.

People living on German Lane, Charnock Richard, found themselves in a stand-off with chainsaw-wielding workmen as they attempted to stop the felling.

The work at the spot next to the West Coast Main Line was halted yesterday morning.

But the residents, who claim the cutting is going too far and that trees are being hacked down needlessly, expect it to continue.

Cassandra Wellum, 68, of Parkinson’s Farm, German Lane, said she was reduced to tears.

She said: “They’ve gone down the other side of the land and nuked every single tree. I said, ‘what are you doing?’ They just said, ‘it’s got to be done’. I got upset because in summer this is a beautiful lane.

“At first they said the trees will fall on the line. When we said, ‘surely not the ones with the canopies on the road, so you can leave the ones on the road and keep the canopies’. They said, ‘it’s the leaves on the line – and the canopies will fall on people on the road’.

“That’s when I said every tree in every park will have to be cut down.”

Jack Gerrard, 74, of Assisi Cottage, German Lane, said he had lived in the area all of his life. For 45 years he has lived at his current home next to the line.

“As far as I know, there’s never been a problem with a tree falling on the line,” he said. “They’re saying it’s a problem with the leaves falling on the line.

“But the wind is a prevailing west wind, and they blow on the road, not the line. We don’t mind them trimming trees at the top of the banking, but not at the bottom.

“To take a whole bank of trees out, which in summer, spring and autumn is something to look at, it’s absolutely not needed.”

Network Rail was unavailable for comment.