PSD Groundscare announce evolution of mobile shredding with the new super prof

by | Dec 11, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

PSD Groundscare are the exclusive distributor for the Eliet range of products throughout the UK.

Back in 1994, innovative manufacturer ELIET introduced the Super Prof shredder which was the first professional mobile shredder into the market that offered users the opportunity to take their shredder to the wood! 20 years later and with over 5,000 happy customers, the Super Prof model has been the flagship model and one of the most reliable and highly efficient shredders the market has seen.

The launch of the NEW Super Prof builds on the existing key features making it even more user friendly, more efficient and more environmentally friendly. One of the key additions is the air-blown chip removal via a 360o rotatable discharge chute that will blow the chips to a height of 2 meters. Over the years the Super Prof has earned a well-deserved reputation of being capable of processing almost any kind of green waste. Building on this, ELIET have developed the ‘AxeleroTM’ discharge system which is available in the NEW generation model. This system produces small chips by keeping them in the chipping chamber longer and are then discharged via the chute.

An additional feature is the introduction of a 30% larger infeed opening for disposing of bulkier and loose waste. ELIET are always thinking about the environment and have introduced ‘The Eco EyeTM technology’ which automatically reduces the power to the machine when stationery and not shredding. This clever technology results in a reduction of energy, decreased exhaust emissions and a lower sound level.

This exciting new model ensures that the Super Prof remains a highly efficient 4 Season Shredder that is the envy of all. In the spring and autumn there is a lot of green waste to be processed and the abundance of wet material may clog up other shredders and in summer and winter the Super Pro deals with the high usage volume of shredding wood and shrubbery impeccably whilst remaining highly efficient.

The next generation of the Super Prof will also be available as a trailed machine for those that prefer to process the wood on the roadside and transport off site. Additionally the renowned “Cross-Country” tracked model has also been updated to include all the features of the new Super Pro ensuring those who need to access difficult terrain have all the benefits of the latest features.