Prized cherry trees facing felling in Sheffield suburb

by | Sep 13, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News


A campaign against tree felling in a Sheffield suburb, including prized cherry trees, has sprouted.

Dore residents went on a ‘tree walk’ for three hours yesterday with staff from Sheffield Council contractor Amey, which is to remove 148 trees because they are damaged, dying or causing damage.

It is the latest protest against controversial felling as part of the council’s Streets Ahead project.

In Dore, there are 18 cherry trees set to be removed from 69 planted on Abbeydale Park Rise and replaced with a different species.

Every year residents drape the trees with Christmas lights, which has become a local attraction.

Resident Beverley Bones said the first she knew of planned felling was when yellow ribbons were tied around trees by protesters.

She said: “People say they have been coming to the road for years to start their Christmas traditions and in spring the cherry blossom is beautiful. Some trees do need removing, I’m not saying don’t take down any, but 148 seems an awful lot and 18 are on one road.”

Dore Coun Colin Ross said the trees were paid for by residents 40 years ago and some could be saved.

He added: “The community feels very strong ownership of these trees.”

Streets Ahead said the cherry trees would be replaced with a ‘more suitable’ pink flowering species.

She added: “We understand the strength of feeling there has been on Abbeydale Park Rise – replacing any tree is regrettable but unfortunately these trees are either dead, dying or causing extensive damage to the pavements.”

Residents are urged to attend a roadshow on September 17 at Abbeydale Sports Club, from 3pm to 7pm.

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