Power and progress with Timberwolf’s new petrol range

by | Nov 1, 2017 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Timberwolf are extending their low emission petrol product family, developing further their comprehensive range of professional wood chippers.

Impending changes to engine legislation will affect many machines regularly used by arborists, landscapers, and estate managers, including chippers.

An ongoing legislation programme to limit emissions from diesel engines, is progressing with the next step coming into force on 1 January 2019.

Current diesel engines can continue to be used after this date to power existing equipment, but only Stage V diesel, or alternative fuelled engines, can be supplied on new machines.

The new extended Timberwolf petrol range builds on the equivalent market leading diesel-powered wood chipper series, and offers all the features that industry professionals demand from this essential tool in their armoury.

Strong and fast

At entry level, the compact and powerful TW 160PH is a strong and fast hydraulic chipper that can access restricted areas while offering exceptional cutting performance.

Powered by a 22hp Honda engine, the TW 160PH offers 152mm (6in) capacity and features hydraulic feed with auto feed control for easy loading.

The TW 160PH is mounted on an unbraked chassis and has a towing weight of 608kg, allowing transport behind smaller commercial vehicles.

Leading the Pack

Offering unbeatable performance, the sub 750Kg 6” chipper of choice for the UK industry is now available in petrol and with two engine variants. The TW 230PAHB and TW 230PWHB are high capacity machines suitable to handle large volumes of material, with hydraulic feed and a braked chassis.

With the choice of a 37hp B&S Vanguard V Twin or 32.5hp Kubota WG972 petrol engine, these machines feature a best-in-class 230mm X 160mm feed opening. Quad-force rollers offer ultimate crushing power which along with the wide feed opening reduce the need for time-consuming snedding.

Throughput is up to an impressive 5 tonnes per hour from this 152mm (6in) capacity chipper, helping operators meet tight deadlines and ideal for time-sensitive work such as roadside chipping. A 280 degree adjustable discharge allows the 18mm average size chips to be directed into a trailer or safely blown onto the verge.

Simply outstanding performance

Flagship of the landmark new range is the TW 280PHB, which offers simply outstanding performance.

Powered by a Kubota 57hp WG1605 four-cylinder petrol engine, the TW 280PHB offers 210mm (8in) cutting performance for serious arboriculture and forestry tasks.

With a substantial output of 6.5 tonnes/hour, coupled with a 280mm x 210mm infeed opening with Quad Force rollers for ultimate crushing power, this chipper will tackle the largest of workloads with ease and speed.

The 280 degree adjustable discharge allows average size, 18.5mm chips, to be directed precisely to either side of the machine as required.

Guy Marshlain, Timberwolf Sales and Marketing Director comments: “We have developed this exciting series of machines in anticipation of the new engine legislation, to ensure that we can continue to offer the comprehensive choice of exceptionally productive and user-friendly, high quality chippers that our customers have come to expect.”

“Any concerns about the suitability of petrol power for chippers will be instantly allayed by these powerful, economical machines which we believe will offer arborists, landscapers and estate managers outstanding service for many years to come.”