Plymouth trees to be felled after disease is found

by | Jul 1, 2015 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

A large number of trees are to be felled in Cann Wood between Whitleigh and Southway after the discovery of a deadly plant disease.

The Forestry Commission have investigated the site and used aerial photography to assess the extent of the spread and will be issuing the Council with a felling order within the next few weeks.

The felling will take place throughout the whole woodland.

The trees that are to be felled consist of Larch and Sweet Chestnut, however most other species of tree and garden plants can become infected but the disease is spread by these particular trees.

The trees have been infected by Ramorum Disease of Larch, a contagious fungus that can be spread naturally through air currents, watercourses and rain splash and also spread by humans through infection on shoes, dogs paws and bicycle wheels other means of spread are through tools such as chainsaws and equipment.

The fungus poses no threat to humans or animals, to curb the chances of spreading the fungus all walkers are asked to stick to paths keep animals on leads and clean cycles and footwear of mud on leaving the woodland.

However, it might be necessary to close the woodland due to Health and Safety whilst the felling is being undertaken.

Councillor Brian Vincent, Cabinet Member for Streetscene said: “The last thing we want to do is cut down large numbers of trees from our beautiful woodland but due to the speed this disease spreads we have no option but to fell these trees. I understand people will be upset as the work will look pretty destructive, but this is the only answer.”