Petzl issues safety alert

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

Petzl has issued a safety alert on a number of its products. The company said there had been cases of the slippage with its prusiks, Zigzag, Zigzag Plus and the Zillon lanyard.  

The statement said: “We have received reports of users experiencing rope slippage while using the Zigzag, Zigzag Plus and Zillon. Following these reports, we have identified two defects causing the slippage. We therefore ask you to do a manual inspection and a function test of your product, to detect any possible slippage. In case your product slips, we are providing details on our after-sales returns service.” 

The warning only relates to the following products: Zigzag (D022AA00), Zigzag Plus (D022BA00) and Zillon (L22A 025, L22A 040, L22A 055) with serial numbers between 18L 0000000 000 and 21G 0000000 000. 

Customer returns alerted Petzl to the slippage issue, which has affected new or slightly used products. Petzll added: “Following our technical investigations, we were able to identify the causes of the slippage. They are related to a variance in our production process, resulting in two types of defects in the release levers on Zigzag, Zigzag Plus and Zillon. This production variance causes premature wear of the release levers, resulting in slippage that can be observed after a few months of use, or even on new products.” 

The company said it would stop sales of current products and is “working to solve the problem with the goal of being able to deliver new products after 1 November 2021.” 

It was also requesting inspection and function tests by users of products as part of the PPE inspection procedure. Petzl added it would also provide after sales service to “redress inconvenience” and would offer either an exchange or refund.  

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