Petition calling for abolition of road fuel duty on Alkylate fuel

by | Jul 29, 2014 | Featured Slider, Latest, News

We already pay a premium on purchases that are deemed ‘unhealthy’ for us, but why should we be penalised for making the more healthy and environmentally friendly choice?

If you use Alkylate petrol then you are currently paying just over £0.57 per litre in road fuel duty tax (before VAT). Now it may not mean a lot to the average user but for people who work with small engined machinery everyday this could mean the world of difference, which ultimately impacts us all. We feel the road fuel duty tax that we ALL currently pay is unfair, which is why we are petitioning to abolish this tax, but why should you help?

Not only is Alkylate fuel the better choice for people, but it is also better for machines as it won’t damage rubber, plastic, brass and aluminium fittings and is ideal as a storage fuel for those winter months when machines get left untouched!

Operators of small engined machinery, such as chainsaws, strimmers, leaf blowers and lawnmowers, in the UK have two options when it comes to fuelling their machines;

Use unleaded petrol which contains over 100 harmful ingredients such as Benzene and aromatic hydrocarbons.


Use Alkylate petrol, such as Aspen, which is mostly sold in small containers from garden machinery suppliers. When using this type of fuel, the user is subject to 99% less toxic emissions and can enjoy a much healthier working environment.

It is clear to see which type of fuel is the safer choice, but why doesn’t everyone use it? The answer is very simple, Alkylate fuels are more expensive, even without the Unleaded Excise Duty of £0.5795 per litre added – so please sign our online petition at which we will be given to the UK Government in an effort to abolish the road fuel duty on Alkylate petrol. We need your help to get this petition actioned!

Farmers get assistance from the government to buy red diesel at reduced rates, so why shouldn’t tree surgeons, landscapers, gardeners and YOU get the same, especially on a product that is better for your health?

Unleaded Excise Duty of £0.5795 (before 20% VAT) is added to every litre of petrol sold for transportation purposes. Even with this duty removed on Alkylate fuels they would still be around £1.70 per litre more expensive for people to use in their car. So unlike red diesel, the Government should have no worries about people cheating the system by putting Alkylate fuel in their car.

IF YOU WISH TO SHOW YOUR SUPPORT sign the petition at